• Globally recognized test 
  • Taking the test can enhance your employment prospects
  • Develops Your English language skills 
  • Reflects communication in real life 
  • Help you achieve your future goals in life 

why ILETS?

People from all over the world take the IELTS test for many reasons. The reasons people take IELTS can vary as much as the people who take the test. Below is some information about who takes IELTS and some of the reasons why people choose to do so. 

Here are some interesting stats about IELTS: 

  • IELTS is used around the world for a variety of purposes, including for work, study, and migration. 

  • Over 11,000 organisations in 140 countries recognise the IELTS test. 

  • Experts from around the world have developed the IELTS test. 

  • The test is researched and monitored to ensure fairness for test takers, regardless of their background, gender, education, etc.

Instructions to candidates

In the actual test you will be given the following instructions:

  • do not open this question paper until you are told to do so
  • write your name and candidate number in the spaces at the top of the page
  • read the instructions for each part of the paper carefully
  • answer all the questions
  • write your answers on the answer sheet; use a pencil
  • you must complete the answer sheet within the time limit

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